Commercial Pest Control

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Commercial Pest Control - A Healthy Environment

Commercial Pest Control  | Patrick's Pest Control - Akron, OH

Patrick’s Pest Control provides commercial pest control services for all kinds of businesses and other facilities used by the public in the Akron, OH, area. I control all kinds of creatures, from bed bugs to rodents, ensuring a comfortable, healthy experience for your employees and patrons.

I offer commercial pest control services for the following kinds of establishments:

Offices - Keep your business and its facilities clear of all kinds of pests. With a clean, comfortable work environment, your employees will be happier and more productive, and you’ll always present a professional appearance to your customers.

Restaurants - An infestation by any sort of pest is a major problem for a restaurant and must be combatted immediately. Let a trained professional take care of the pest problem at your dining establishment.

Schools - Using only safe, ecologically-sound pesticides, I help local schools maintain a healthy environment for their students.

Warehouses - From birds to ants, the high rafters and dark, enclosed containers that characterize warehouses are magnets for all kinds of infestations. With a call to Patrick’s Pest Control, you can ensure that your warehouse is free of undesirable inhabitants.

With a regular commercial pest control service routine from Patrick’s Pest Control, you can be certain of maintaining a clean, healthy environment for everyone who uses your facility. Give me a call and set up an appointment for an inspection of your property and an estimate on your service today!