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About Me | Patrick's Pest Control - Akron, OH

Patrick’s Pest Control is dedicated to keeping the people of Akron, OH, safe from the annoyances and dangers presented by a variety of insects and larger animals. I, Patrick A. Crosby, decided to go into the pest control business after spending years in the food service industry, where I witnessed firsthand the risks pests pose to sanitation and health every day. Owning and operating my own pest control company now allows me to provide a vital service, protecting the safety and wellbeing of my community.

Proudly affiliated with the Summit County Pest Control Association, I study continuously to stay abreast of the laws, regulations, best practices, and new techniques that affect the pest control industry. Through this dedication to my craft, I am able to guarantee you the best possible service.

When you need a pest control service that is fast, effective, affordable, and pays attention to customers’ needs, go with the pest control professional that Akron, OH, trusts. Contact Patrick’s Pest Control for all of your pest control needs today!